Offered Services :


Performed by our team of Recruitment Consultants, recruitment is done from HeadHunters premises and using HeadHunters database. We select from our databank or we headhunt the perfect candidate who matches our clients demand and offers the best fit with the job description, company culture, salary scales and career expectations.


Performed by our team of Recruitment consultants, recruitment is performed on the clients premises using HeadHunters and the clients database. We select the best candidates that fit the clients requirements, and assist our clients in their interviewing process.


Our team of consultants and recruiters are in charge of the coaching, career counseling and orientation of the leaving staff of the company.
Consequently, leaving staff is hired by a new company thru HeadHunter in a position that fits their experiences, educational levels and soft skills.


We provide customized solutions after a thorough analysis of the clients situation and resources. Our consulting services are backed by international research resources. Our services are intended to improve productivity, efficiency, communication, and employee morale.

Areas covered include:

·  Employees retention

·  Recruitment procedures

·  Performance appraisal

·  Job descriptions

·  Remuneration and impact on budget

·  Personnel administration

·  Succession planning

·  Education and training


Our team of consultants study the trends of Compensation & Benefits for each industry and for each position level, the qualifications and profile required, and accordingly, establish a remuneration scheme. In some cases, remuneration management requires benchmarking with major players in the industry as well as salary surveys.


We provide customized solutions for organizations, in any industry, and we redesign the process and operations to meet company objectives, increase customer satisfaction, cutting down costs, and increase company profitability.

Areas covered include:

·  Aligning the organization with the business model and the business requirements

·  Optimizing operating costs

·  Establishing organization chart

·  Authority definition

·  Administration

We help develop people skills through customized trainings that ensure performance improvement and business impact.

We partner with the business to create a constructive and agile approach in people management.

Our accredited coaches support management and teams to achieve individual or collective development objectives, and also initiate people on the coaching approach to adopt with teams and clients.


A partial transfer of the business process is agreed upon with HeadHunter. By doing so, our client focuses on defining the results to obtain while we concentrate on delivering the temporary manpower necessary to achieve them. Employees are on HeadHunters payroll, to minimize the clients headcount, while working at the premises of the client.